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Software Development

A collection of my non-gaming software projects.

Tracing Ace!
Under development
An iOS app designed to help children express their creativity and learn to draw by tracing over drawings by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.
Tracing Ace screenshot Tracing Ace screenshot Tracing Ace screenshot

Developed in collaboration with Peter H. Reynolds. (My role: Programmer and UI/UX designer)

Collaborative Whiteboard
A Java drawing application which supports realtime collaboration between multiple users.
Winner, Best Software Design.
Whiteboard screenshot

Final project for my Fall 2013 course, Elements of Software Construction (6.005)
Created in three weeks, in collaboration with Katie Bartel and Kwame Efah.

Node Sketcher
A series of creative coding projects programmed using Processing.

Try Node Sketcher v2.Orange on OpenProcessing!

Try Node Sketcher v3.0 on OpenProcessing!

Try Node Sketcher v1.0 on OpenProcessing!


The North Star Smart Stars Survey
Developed during a summer internship at FableVision Learning.
An iPad multiple-intelligences survey, designed for children. "The North Star Approach helps your students discover their unique constellation, based on individual talents, interests, hobbies, and strengths. Most importantly, this approach encourages children (of all ages) to reach for the stars and follow their dreams."
Smart Stars screenshot Smart Stars screenshot Smart Stars screenshot

Developed in collaboration with Peter H. Reynolds. (My role: Programmer and lead UI/UX developer)

ChemicaLegos: Hydrocarbon Sandbox
Inspired by the lack of well-designed interactive material in my college chemistry class, I began to create a drag-and-drop interface for learning hydrocarbons by means of building and experimenting in a sandbox environment.
ChemicaLegos screenshot ChemicaLegos screenshot

Very early prototypes (only drag-and-drop implemented).
Try Demo 1 and Demo 2, or read the Mission Statement.

100 Pixels
An art tool used to create and share avatar images on Kongregate.
Based on the idea that "creativity loves constraint."
100 Pixels screenshot

Published on Kongregate!
Try it out!

Number Base Converter
A simple base-converting application I made with Flash while I was teaching myself how different number base systems work.
Base converter screenshot

Try it out!


Variable Display
A GUI "component" I created with Scratch to display a number in a resizable font.
(Instead of using Scratch's default orange-and-grey component)
Variable Display screenshot

Try it on!

Making Large Sprites
An animated tutorial on a little-known feature of Scratch.
Making Large Sprites screenshot

Watch it on!


Guitar Player
The Scratch project that started it all.
At 13 years old, this was the very first "programming" project I ever made.
Guitar Player screenshot

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.