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Game Development

A collection of my published games and prototypes, created between ages 13 - 19, developed using Objective-C (iOS), AS3 (Flash), Scratch, and Unity.

Flappy Beaver | Happy Beaver

Satirical MIT-themed Flappy Bird games
Developed in one day for Flappy Jam.

Flappy Beaver game screenshot Happy Beaver game screenshot

Together, these games have been played over 8,500 times!
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Oculus Drift

Virtual Reality racing for the Oculus Rift
Funded and presented at MIT's Techfair 2014.

Oculus Drift game screenshot Oculus Drift game screenshot Oculus Drift game screenshot

Oculus Drift is a 3D racing game for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Take the wheel of an ATV and race around a diverse landscape. Experience high-speed driving like never before -- this first-person driving simulator will transport you directly into the driver's seat of the car. Oculus Drift uses the headset's motion tracking and stereoscopic 3D view to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.
Developed in collaboration with Eric Ruleman.


Got Light?

Under development
An aesthetic, color-mixing, outer-space puzzle game for iOS.
Grand-Prize winner of MIT's 1st annual iOS Game Competition.

Got Light? game screenshot Got Light? game screenshot Got Light? game screenshot

Got Light? will be published my MakeGamesWithUs in the upcoming months.
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A gravity-bending "balance"-themed Flash game

Got Light?

Enlightenment was developed in 8 hours by a team of three programmers, an artist, and a musician at the BostonFIG Game Jam.
The theme of the game jam was "balance".
Developed in collaboration with Katie Bartel and Eric Ruleman.
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Flash Game Demo Reel: 2009-2012

Rapid prototyping of Flash games,
Self-taught, designed, programmed, animated, and published as a hobby between ages 15-18


Platformer Revamped
An attempt to create a clean, level-based puzzle platformer.

Platformer Revamped game screenshot Platformer Revamped game screenshot Platformer Revamped game screenshot

Working prototype; needs more level design.
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Tactical Dragon Battle
A turn-based strategic combat game, where a team of tiny heroes must confront a mighty dragon.

Tactical Dragon Battle game screenshot

Early prototype, design-focused proof of concept.
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Blackbeard's Dream
A bird's-eye-view naval battle in which the player challenges an AI pirate ship.
An incomplete attempt to recreate my well-received Scratch game from 2009: Blackbeard's Dream

Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot

Very early prototype of the AI.
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Survive for as long as you can in this top-down shooter!
Swarm game screenshot Swarm game screenshot Swarm game screenshot

Published on Kongregate and Mochi Media. Played over 40,000 times!
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Dante's Inferno - Beta
An infinite-falling game set in Dante's Inferno. Travel to the depths of Hell, collecting powerups and battling monsters to save your beloved.
Dante's Inferno game screenshot Dante's Inferno game screenshot

Complete Beta; needs professional art.
Developed in collaboration with game designer, Peter Knudson.
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Mega Miner
Breakout mining game. Smash blocks and collect the falling gems and ores in each level. Includes a level builder tool!
Mega Miner game screenshot

Working prototype! Needs more level design.
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Lily Pond
A zen puzzle game, where you play as a frog navigating a maze of lily pads to solve each level.
Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot

Working prototype, proof of concept; needs level design.
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Balloon Archery
Try to pop as many balloons as you can in 15 seconds. Get combos, see your stats, and buy upgrades!
Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot

Early prototype, buggy proof of concept.
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Multitask! Dodge and Collide
Experimental game, which tests your multitasking abilities.
Control both paddles at once, collecting opposite colors.
Dodge and Collide game screenshot

Basic gameplay prototype
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A fun, casual, chill-out game featuring cute, hand-drawn Jellie characters!
Collect bubbles, score combos, unlock new costumes, earn achievements, and more!
Jellie game screenshot Jellie game screenshot Jellie game screenshot

Jellie was published widely across the web, and has been played more than 100,000 times!
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Revenge of the Marshmallow
A quirky, boss-battling minigame:
Play as a fire-breathing cow to defeat the Marshmallow of Doom!
Revenge of the Marshmallow game screenshot

Published on Kongregate and Mochi Media
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Dragon Defense
Perched atop the castle walls, you are a lone archer who must defend your people against a giant dragon.
Dragon Defense game screenshot

Working prototype; proof-of-concept. (Personally coded and animated)
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Vector Dash
Dodge left and right to survive as long as possible in one of four game modes!
Vector Dash game screenshot

Published on Mochi Media.
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Super Llama: The Game
Your favorite neighborhood superhero is back and ready for action!
Use your laser-vision to hold off the invading UFOs for two minutes!
Super Llama game screenshot

Basic prototype.
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Space Invaders: Endless
Play an endless, fast-paced round of space invaders.
Space Invaders game screenshot

Early prototype
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Sir Eggbert Adventures
Lead the lovable hero, Sir Eggbert, on his quest to save EggEgg Island from evil!
A turn-based, adventure RPG based on a story by my younger brother, Nate.
Sir Eggbert Adventures game screenshot Sir Eggbert Adventures game screenshot

Prototype; fully-functional game engine, but needs enemy design and animations.
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Jellie Quest
A mashup of two of my games: Jellie and Sir Eggbert Adventures.
Jellie Quest game screenshot

Working prototype.
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The World of Adventure
My very first Flash game, created in the summer between 9th and 10th grade.
A lighthearted sidescrolling platformer. Explore and complete quests in this quirky world!
World of Adventure game screenshot World of Adventure game screenshot World of Adventure game screenshot

Published on Kongregate.
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Helicopter [clone]
A remake of the classic video game, created for fun & practice.
Helicopter game screenshot

Published on Kongregate.
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Scratch Games


A top-down adventure game, reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. Travel through dangerous lands, explore a dungeon, and fight both a miniboss and a boss!
Epiquest game screenshot Epiquest game screenshot Epiquest game screenshot

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Blackbeard's Dream
Ahoy! As Captain Blackbeard you are the last surviving pirate of the Seven Seas. Facing a battleship from the Royal Navy much more powerful than your own, it is your job to sink the Navy ship in order to survive and keep the pirate dream alive.
Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot Blackbeard's Dream game screenshot

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Bounce to Victory!
Play through this sidescrolling level as a ball unable to stop bouncing.
Bounce to Victory game screenshot

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Rock Band [clone]
A one-or-two player clone of my favorite music game, created for fun and practice.
Rock Band game screenshot Rock Band game screenshot

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Mega Stickfight - Beta
A simple fighting game. Punch and kick your way to victory against an AI stickman character.
Mega Stickfight game screenshot

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RPG Battle 1.1

A turn-based RPG game. Battle the Technoid, earn money and buy upgrades!
RPG Battle 1.1 game screenshot RPG Battle 1.1 game screenshot

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Tap, Tap, Revolution: Donkey Kong
A rhythm game set to the beat of the Donkey Kong theme song.
Tap Tap Revolution game screenshot

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RPG Battle 1.0

An early version of my turn-based RPG game.
The first "game" I ever made! I was 13 years old.
RPG Battle 1.0 game screenshot

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